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Terms and Conditions

This card shall have no value until it has been purchased from an approved merchant. This card may not be redeemed for cash. This card is redeemable only for purchases of fuel and "in-store" items at Cenex Branded Fueling Sites; provided, however, that it may not be used to purchase lottery tickets, or to make payments toward a balance owed on a charge card or any other open account, unless specifically allowed by applicable law.

After 24 months of inactivity, the balance remaining on this card will be reduced by a service fee of $2.00/month for each month until the balance of this card has been reduced to zero, unless a reduction for this fee is prohibited by applicable law.

Use of this card shall constitute acceptance of all terms and conditions on this website.

WARNING: Treat this card like cash; there is no right of replacement of this card if it is lost or stolen or destroyed.